About Us!

How long has Corkys been in business?

Corkys has been in the women’s and young girl’s footwear business since 2003.

What does Corkys specialize in and what are we known for?

We specialize in crafting comfort and style into each pair of Corkys shoes. Our motto is ‘Comfort doesn’t have to be ugly!’ Corkys customers adore our lace-less free Babalus and ultra-comfy Kayaks. Both styles come in a variety of colors to perfectly match any outfit or occasion year-round!

What’s the difference between Corkys, Boutique by Corkys, and Hey Girl by Corkys?

Each of the three subsidiary brands has its own spirit and style that comprise all of Corkys Footwear.

Boutique styles have a sincere character, a sense of belonging, and exquisite elegance. These styles will pair well with semi-formal wear and classy casual while still able to boast about comfort and wearability. Boutique is designed for the woman wanting to look her and feel her best and who can transition from shopping with friends to a romantic dinner dates without changing a shoe!

There are two things you can never have too much of: good friends and good shoes. That’s the idea behind Corkys recently launched Hey Girl line which brings a youthful look to a woman’s lower extremities. Even though it’s still a relatively new brand, Hey Girl includes plenty of Spring, Fall, Winter, & Summer styles to try on. Imagine slipping on a pair of Hey Girl shoes not only looking younger but feeling younger, too!

That means all the other styles fall under the umbrella of the main brand: Corkys. The wide variety of styles will have you covered in comfort for anything on your schedule. Whether it’s splish-splashing in puddles in Corkys rainboots, bay watching on a pristine sandy beach in a pair of Corkys sandals, or just enjoying a typical day of work and play, Corkys has something for everything!

Although Boutique, Hey Girl and Corkys have their own unique style, each and every Corkys shoe is on trend and features comfortable materials designed to be worn all day long.

How have your customers' needs changed as of late?

Corkys wholeheartedly believes that our partnership with wholesalers is special which is why Corkys has an open-door policy with wholesale partners. Our new Corkys website design is a direct implementation of feedback received from Corkys wholesalers. The new website provides an easy and efficient way for partners to restock their empty shelves with more great styles from Corkys.

What would you say to someone who wants to become a Corkys retailer?

Do your customers a favor and seize the opportunity to offer what’s trendy in women’s wear with Corkys Footwear. You’ll be thankful you did!

If you’re interested in becoming a Corkys wholesale partner, fill out the ‘Become A Retailer’ form on the Corkys contact page.